Saturday, March 24, 2012

Okay Moms, do your kids' closets look like this?

I have 2 boys sharing this closet.  They both change their clothes about 10 times a day!  I got sick of cleaning it up and have it look like this again 10 minutes later.  Then to have my neat-freak husband come home from work and freak out!   
So a couple of weekends ago I went for the closet organizer.  I had my kids come with me to the big box store, climb up on the display and kick the tires for me.  Oh...they loved that!  We found the Rubbermaid closet organizer would probably hold up the best and it looked easy enough for me to install myself. 
After one sleepless night and rearranging every drawer and every shelf about 10 times, this is what I came up with.  And this is what it looks like 2 weeks later! 

Ahhh, sweet success.
The first couple of days I just wanted to sit in their room and look at it.  It took 3 trips to the store for hangers since we didn't have any, but every lick of clothing they own is in there.  I even had room at the bottom for 3 of the bins to hold some toys.
It's amazing!  They only get out the shirt they're looking for.  No more tearing the drawers apart looking for the shirt that looks like Vinnie's from "The Sandlot". 

Now..for the rest of the house.
I WILL conquer the closet at a time.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Painted Ethan Allen Piece in the Store this weekend!

This is another piece I'm having a hard time letting go of.  I can think of 3 rooms in our house this would look great in. The bedroom especially.  I have big plans for this room and this piece would be perfect!  Maybe it won't sell?


It started out as really dark brown Ethan Allen Hutch...

And turned into a wonderful one of a kind!

This one took me a long time to complete. I tried a few new things on this one.
1st-Annie Sloan Paint.
2nd-Painting Circles!
I wasn't sure I would like the finish of the wax. The last coat took a long time to harden, but it looks and feels great! I really do love it.

I also tried a new paper piece.  Love this one too!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute little cabinet

Finished up a piece for LalahV's first Friday's tonight.  Was feeling a little down all week so I only got one piece done.  It's amazing other peoples' negative energy can really zap the creativity right out of you.  And then all of the sadness in the tragic.  Hopefully this little table will cheer someone else up as much as it did me.  This one is hard to let go.  It's on sale this weekend so go check it out!

Now that I see the picture, I wish I would have staged it a bit's so much cuter in person!