Monday, April 2, 2012

The Things Little Guys Say

Every now and then, I'll have to add a few things about my stinkin' little monsters.  Here's a little blurb from the ride home from school with my 6 year old.

"Mom, how did you feel when I was in your belly?"
"I was so excited to meet you."
"Yeah, but you were a little scared right?  Scared they were going to cut your belly to get me out?"
"Uh, yeah?.. Sure.  I was a little scared." 
I didn't have a c-section so now I'm getting nervous about where this is leading.
"Well, when Aunt Erin was having her kids, did you wish you would have kids too?"
"Yes!  I was wishing for you".
"Well...Lucky you."

What?!  It took all I had to hold together.  Just the way he said it.  With his head cocked to the side while shrugging his shoulder.  Ugh!  He's so funny sometimes.

Then to end the conversation he says,
"Sometimes your wishes and dreams come true...You know, like Martin Luther King Jr."
Oh, how I love him!

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